For as little as $0.004/GB…but wait there’s more!

Storage pricing has dropped so far it is not literally less than dirt cheap.

The real story is not the price, we have “Need it right now” storage, or “Got it keep it around for 7 years” storage. With Amazon Web Service (AWS) you can manage your data and only pay for the type you need at the size you need. From their standard offering starting at $0.023/GBto their “Glacier” storage at $0.004/GB there is a right-sized storage solution waiting for all of your data.

Did we mention it is it secure? You can lock it down and encrypt your data with the industry’s strongest encryption.

Our three support tiers starting at $100/month can help you get your data out of Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive into a secure, managed location and keep prying eyes where they belong.