The Never Behind Systems Team

Industry Professionals

Never Behind Systems has brought together the best mix of Technical Knowledge and Business Expertise to provide the tools any business needs.

AWS Certified Team Members



Systems Integrator

Software Engineer and Manager with over 17 years in software engineering and delivery.

AWS Certified - SysOps Administrator Associate BadgeAWS Certified - Solutions Architect Associate BadgeAWS Certified - Developer Associate Badge

  • AWS Certified 100%
  • Java 100%
  • Docker 100%
  • Enterprize Applications 100%

Peter has been working in the technology field for over 17 years. He has held positions including software engineering, architecture and management. Peter spent almost 10 years in the utility industry developing utility billing and customer service back-office applications that are in use through the US and South Africa. He spent several years in the financial industry managing security platforms for one of the largest retirement management companies. He currently works in the retail industry developing a next generation connected device activation platform for one of the largest retail companies in the United States.



Systems Engineer

Business Geek with over 10 years experience working with small to medium sized business technology.

AWS Certified - SysOps Administrator Associate Badge AWS Certified - Solutions Architect Associate Badge AWS Certified - Developer Associate Badge

  • AWS Certified 100%
  • Magento Certified 100%
  • PHP Developer 100%
  • Business Owner 100%
Geoff has been working in Business since 1999, when he and his family opened up Geoff’s Graffix, a sign shop that leveraged his graphics arts abilities. Since then he has been interested in helping small to medium sized businesses improve in their market with the use of technology. Geoff has a degree in Business Management with a focus in Information Systems. He is a PHP programmer and for the past 6 years he has dedicated his time to the Magento commerce platforms. His current personal initiative is standardizing the interactions of disparate systems to allow better data communication between business applications.

Why they started Never Behind Systems

Peter and Geoff are two of 12 siblings.

They know what it means to make the most of limited resources.

AWS provides the ability to grow your technology to just-enough technology.

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